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First established the Arizona State Investors Academy (A.S.I.A) in 2001 for real estate investor training via the "subject to" strategy for subject to real estate coaching.

Later established and ran the website known then as in 2004 to 2006. Now known as The Creative Real Estate Investors Academy & The Subject To Real Estate Investor, still specializing in buying houses and property Subject To the existing mortgage or financing. Aka "Subject To" Real Estate Investing.

Philosophy --- 
Ultimately, our goal is to help spur out of the box creativity and thinking in the Real Estate arena. Over the years, we have completed over a few hundred Subject To acquisitions and deals, 

Personal attention to each ---
Each client/student receives one-on-one attention through the entire process from at least one of us and/or our staff. 

Client/student participation ---
We invite our clients/students to participate and provide input during the learning process and throughout instruction: we never forget that our job is to make your vision a reality. 

Creativity ---
Creativity is achieved through input from everyone, as well as through brainstorming sessions with the client/student. 
Because each of our clients/students is driven by thier ambition and vision, when each one completes the course it will expand thier conception of what is possible. 

Professionalism ---
We maintain a consistently high level of professionalism and responsibility. We guarantee all of our instruction and training to be of the highest quality, as we know our clients/students would expect nothing less.
Call us at (602) 657-3443 or (602) 753-8775
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Real Investor Academy  2320 East Baseline Rd. Suite 148-207, Phoenix, AZ 85042
We teach you how to buy subject to the existing mortgage -

Private real estate investors since 2001. We're available for your questions on how to acquire properties using the creative real estate investing strategy known as Subject To, Subject 2, Sub to, Sub 2, and subject to the existing mortgage.

Never heard of it? Or perhaps wondering where can you learn about "Subject To"? Well it's been around for a long time. Some talk about it but have never done it. Some may even talk against it but again..have never done it. Come talk to the seasoned investors of this strategy and find out for your self how to get the deed and existing mortgage remains. No need for new financing.

We'll show you how to understand the legal documents and flow of paperwork that accompanies a real estate transfer, or more technically, a conveyance. Since there are many types of transfers: Legal title, equitable title, a real estate interest like an option, a leasehold transfer, assignment (transfer) of note or some other contractual interest. You'll gain the knowledge to draft basic real estate documents like deeds, notes, assignments, options, and a host of other documents. 

We'll show you how to do basic title searching. When buying and selling distressed properties, being able to quickly and thoroughly check out a title is critical. If you come should come upon a deal, you should have the knowledge and checklist for checking to make sure the title is as the seller has represented it. Of all the different phases of real estate investing, this area is the one that probably requires the most knowledge and double-checking. If you misinterpret the title search or just plain miss a lien, it can get ugly.

For serious property investors who like to do much of his or her own real estate legal work, without using an attorney or title company.This information won't just save you money, it will give you more control over your deals. You'll have the basic knowledge to safely close without having to wait for your attorney or title company. Even if you want to continue using your attorney or title company, you will be able to prep many of your documents saving hundreds of dollars.

You are more than welcome to talk to us on our Google+ Community Page. You can also talk to us on our Facebook Groups Page too. Or just click the link here: Real Investor Academy for "Subject To" Real Estate Investing.
The Real Estate Investors Academy aka Real Investor Academy